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Understanding Breathwork: Your built in tool for Stress Relief and Well-being

In the midst of all the chaos and stress life throws at us, sometimes, we forget the simplest things. We're talking about breathing. Yep, that thing we do automatically without even thinking twice. What if we told you that you could actually harness that breath to transform your physical and mental health?

Think of breath as a remote control for your body's stress levels and overall well-being. It might sound surprising, but indeed, breathwork holds this remarkable power. Let's explore how the way you breathe can essentially become your remote control to navigate your nervous system.

Understanding the Nervous System

Within our bodies lies a toolset with it's roots deep in our evolution as a species: the autonomic nervous system, overseeing bodily functions beyond our conscious control. This system is divided into two primary branches:

Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS): The accelerator pedal, activating during high-stress moments. Your fight or flight system. It primes your body for action, elevating heart rate, and increasing alertness.

Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS): Your calming oasis, promoting rest and recovery. It slows your heart rate, enhances digestion, and fosters a sense of relaxation.

Signalling Mechanisms of Breathwork

The way we breathe isn’t merely an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide; it’s a sophisticated language we have that communicates directly with our nervous systems.

Here's how breathwork becomes the messenger to these systems:

  • Rhythm and Pace: Altering the pace and rhythm of our breath directly signals the nervous systems. A slow, controlled breath pattern sends a message of calmness to the parasympathetic system, while rapid, shallow breathing can activate the sympathetic response.

  • Diaphragmatic Engagement: Techniques like diaphragmatic breathing engage the diaphragm, sending signals to the vagus nerve - a key player in the parasympathetic system. This engagement triggers a relaxation response, calming the body and mind.

  • Extended Exhales and Resonant Breathing: Lengthening the exhale or finding your resonant breathing rate prompts coherence between both systems. It’s like tuning an instrument to find harmony within the body.

  • Mind-Body Connection: Conscious focus on the breath during breathwork classes fosters a profound mind-body connection. This focused attention serves as a neural anchor, influencing the nervous systems towards a desired state - be it relaxation, focus, or emotional balance.

Benefits of Breathwork classes

Whether you are new to breathwork, or just looking for a space to continue to develop your practice, attending our breathwork classes offers a sanctuary from life's stressors. Techniques taught in these sessions are tailored to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting deep relaxation and reducing stress hormone levels. Regular practice can cultivate a calmer, more resilient response to life's challenges.

Other benefits include

  1. Enhanced Resilience: The ability to consciously modulate their nervous systems empowers individuals to navigate stressful situations with a greater sense of ease and adaptability.

  2. Improved Focus and Mental Clarity: Our breathwork classes aren’t just about relaxation - they're also a gateway to sharpening focus and mental clarity.

  3. Better Sleep Quality: Many participants report improved sleep quality after attending our classes. Techniques such as extended exhales or guided relaxation sequences aid in unwinding the mind and body, promoting deeper and more restful sleep.

  4. Emotional Regulation: Participants learn how different breathing techniques can influence emotional states. By practicing these methods, individuals can effectively manage emotions, fostering a sense of emotional balance and resilience.

  5. Physical Well-being: Beyond mental benefits, our breathwork classes also contribute to physical wellness. Techniques involving deep diaphragmatic breathing promote better oxygenation, aiding in improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, and overall vitality.

Attending breathwork classes isn’t just a self-care session; it’s an investment in your holistic wellness. Participants immerse themselves in an environment where breath becomes the catalyst for a transformational journey - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Join us at Tri Wellness to experience a profound shift - a journey where the power of breath enhances your well-being in every facet of life. Discover a harmonious balance between mind, body, and breath, and embrace a more vibrant and resilient you.


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