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Yoga and Pilates Class at Tri Wellness yoga studio in Earlswood


At Tri Wellness, our holistic approach to your wellbeing goes beyond physical fitness alone. 

We encourage our members to embrace a 'mind-body' approach to their health and  wellbeing. When we think of fitness, many will think of building muscle, or increasing stamina, but we're here to help you increase your mental resilience too. 

Supporting you to create a more balanced mind, we strive to help you better understand your emotions, and create a better connection with yourself.

Our mind-body services and classes are thoughtfully curated to ensure every individual experiences the profound benefits of mental clarity and physical vitality. Discover the path to holistic wellness with our specialist classes and 1-2-1 meditation sessions.

holistic wellness

events and workshops

Explore our wellbeing events, specialist classes, and immersive workshops at Tri Wellness. Each experience is curated to enhance your journey towards complete wellness. Ready to see what’s awaiting you?

Wellness Events and Workshops in Solihull at Tri Wellness - Yoga Studio

need more support?

Not sure where to start? Contact us today and let us know your challenges and member of our expert team will reach out to advise you on options.

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