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The Power of the Vagus Nerve



19 May 2024

10am - 1.30pm

About the Event

The vagus nerve is. without question, one of the most powerful and influential forces in our life. It affects our mood. how we engage with others, our anxiety, digestion, sleep and so much more. It is the longest nerve in the body.  The wonderful thing about the vagus nerve is that although it's located in the body, it's easy to activate on your own. So how do we stimulate the vagus nerve? In this workshop Jess will explain the function of the vagus nerve and take you through a series of exercises to activate and tone your vagus nerve.  

10am - Opening Circle and introduction on the vagus nerve 

10:30am - Self Massage Techniques with Aromatherapy Oils. 

11am - Chakra Humming to increase our vagal tone. 

11:30am - Yoga and Breathwork to activate the vagus nerve.  

12:30pm - Refreshments and Snacks

1pm- Yoga Nidra Meditation


After the workshop you are more than welcome to stay for longer. Enjoy the space and make long lasting connections. 

Your Instructor

Jess Box

Jess Box

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