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Running Workshop



13 Apr 2024


About the Event

Join us for a 90-minute workshop designed to provide runners with essential tips for integrating strength and conditioning into their training routines. Led Simon and Jacob, this workshop is tailored to help runners unlock their full potential while minimising the risk of injuries.

The session will cover:

Performance Enhancement: Learn how targeted strength exercises can amplify your running performance, boosting speed, endurance, and overall efficiency.

Injury Prevention: Explore how to prevent common running injuries and address muscular imbalances through tailored strength and conditioning routines.

Balancing Training: Discover effective methods to integrate running with other training modalities, ensuring a holistic approach to fitness.

Whether you're a new or experienced runner, this workshop offers invaluable insights to optimise your training regimen and enhance your running experience.

Your Instructor

Simon and Jacob

Simon and Jacob

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