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Men's Breathwork and Cold Therapy Workshop


Sold Out

10 Dec 2023

8am - 11am


About the Course

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards better mental health and enhanced well-being? Join our Men's Wellness Workshop, a unique experience designed exclusively for men, where we delve deep into the powerful realms of breathwork and cold water therapy to cultivate mental resilience and emotional balance.

The workshop will entail:


  • Explore the profound impact of conscious breathing on your mental health.

  • Learn a variety of breathwork techniques to alleviate stress and anxiety.

  • Understand how breathwork can boost focus, creativity, and emotional stability.


  • Discover the invigorating benefits of cold water exposure for physical and mental strength.

  • Gain insights into the science behind cold therapy and its mood-enhancing effects.

  • Experience controlled cold exposure to promote mental toughness and enhanced mood regulation.


  • Connect with like-minded men who share a commitment to well-being and self-improvement.

  • Foster a supportive community of individuals striving for mental and emotional growth.

  • Create lasting friendships and support networks to continue your wellness journey beyond the workshop.

Your Instructor

Rob Butler

Rob Butler

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