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Heart Chakra Workshop



7 Jul 2024

12pm - 3pm

About the Event

Join us for an enlightening and self-actualising morning with Kerie, where we'll delve into the profound energies of the heart chakra. This workshop is designed to help you cultivate self-love and emotional balance through a series of guided meditations, practical exercises, and holistic practices.

What to Expect

During this immersive workshop, you will engage in:

  • Guided Meditations: Experience deep relaxation and inner peace as Kerie leads you through meditations specifically designed to open and heal your heart chakra. These sessions will help you connect with your inner self and foster a sense of unconditional love.

  • Self-Love Writing Exercises: Through reflective journalling activities, you will explore your feelings and thoughts, gaining insights into your personal journey. These exercises aim to strengthen your self-awareness and self-compassion.

  • Practical Applications: Learn how to integrate self-love into your daily life with practical tips and techniques. This includes using aromatherapy and crystals, which are powerful tools to support your emotional well-being and enhance the workshop experience.

Embrace this chance to connect with yourself on a deeper level, surrounded by a supportive community. We look forward to guiding you through an afternoon of self-discovery and holistic healing.

Book your spot today and take the first step towards a more loving and balanced you!

Your Instructor

Kerie Harris

Kerie Harris

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