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Celtic Sounds Soundbath



22 Mar 2024

7.30pm -9pm

About the Event

Experience the beauty of the bowls combined with the rich rhythms of backstage calm’s favourite Celtic sounds. We will be combining a mix of classic contemporary Irish traditional music with the sounds of soul crystal singing Bowls & percussion instruments. 

This warming unique sound healing & reiki session combined with the sounds of Ireland's finest songs and solos has been designed for ALL… especially to the souls of Birmingham & Solihull who have a connection to the home of Ireland where many of our parents, grandparents & and ancestors relished in the simple sounds of the flute & fiddle and found inward peace and harmony as they listened and felt a warming sensation within. 

Traditional Celtic music is known for its unique sound. It is characterized by the use of instruments such as the flute, harp, and accordion. These instruments are used to create melodies and intricate rhythms that are held close to many hearts. The music chosen by Laura will feature a combination of both slow and fast-paced, dance-like rhythms that will leave you feeling inspired, invigorated, and ready to move into the brighter months ahead. Leave feeling a powerful sense of empowerment as you’ll be fully immersed in the power of Irish Rhythms with warming rich tones of the bowels, crimes & gongs. 

This sound bath will be partially distinctive & uplifting especially as we celebrate the month of March with green & additional LIGHT. As always please ensure you wrap up warm, wear comfortable clothing, and bring your comfiest pillow and warm blanket. The benefits of Celtic music combined with sounds of the soul instruments; Celtic Music can aid in the reduction of stress, improve immune functioning & memory as well and encourage the need to move your body to the rhythm. Sound therapy alone can help improve sleep, Increase focus and clarity, accelerate healing and recovery of pain relief and leave you with a peaceful, easy feeling.

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Backstage Calm

Backstage Calm

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